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Powerful Bone Crasher

Powerful Bone Crasher

     PG series powerful bone crasher is the high-efficient claw-type grinding equipment newly developed by our company. This device has been optimized the design of the knife rest, which is able to disperse the force of the knives and enhance the shearing force and impact resistance of each blade. The pre-posed blades have enlarged the cutting angle range of the blades and enhanced the cutting efficiency, so as to crash materials into even granules. The loading hopper is designed with soundproof treatment, thus it is provided with quite well mute effect. The knives are made from high-quality alloy steel through special heat treatment, which is of excellent wear-resisting property. The knives could be stretched out and drawn back through adjustment during installation, which are able to be polished repeatedly when they have gotten blunt. The knives could be repeatedly used and are provided with long service life. The electric motor is equipped with overload protection device. Chain protection of loading part and power supply is realized, so as to guarantee safety of the users.


         This device can be used cooperatively with conveyer belt, which is applied with automated material loading and unloading for reducing the labor intensity. This equipment is provided with the features of convenient operation, easy cleaning and maintenance, compact structure, steady operation, large output, low temperature rise, no-material-holding-back and adjustable granularity, etc.

        This equipment is suitable for crashing all sorts of major bones like dry and fresh cattle big bones, pig bones, goat bones, donkey bones and chicken bones, etc as well as various

kinds of fish bones with the crashing scope of 5-80mm. It can be extensively applied in crashing the hard materials like all sorts of sausages, ham sausages, canned meat, meat balls,

quick-frozen food, essence, marrow extract, bone powder, bone glue, chondroitin, bone soup, bone peptide extract, biological product, instant noodles, puffed food, compound

condiment, ingredients, pet food and frozen meat, etc. It can also be applied in breaking the kitchen waste.