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Lab homogenizer

Homogenizer (high-pressure pump)

The JJ series homogenizer produced by our company combines the cutting-edge technology of homogenizer manufacture both at home and abroad, which can be used in homogenizing, emulsifying, atomizing and transporting the liquid materials (liquid --- liquid phase or liquid --- solid phase) with the viscosity lower than 0.2Pa.S and temperature lower than 80 degrees.

The homogenizer mainly works to enhance the products' uniformity and stability, which is also able to increase the retention period and reduce response time so as to save considerable amount of catalyst or additive. It also works to shift the denseness, change the taste and luster of the product, etc.

This equipment is provided with the following characteristics:

Two-stage or one-stage mechanical pressure regulation is applied for pressure control, which is convenient, safe and reliable; the voltage-regulating system is able to be

automatically adjusted based on the customer requests.

2. The plunger is made from friction metal and sprayed-coating metals under special heat treatment.

3. As for the pressurization of the plunger, self-piston ring and V-shaped seal ring with long service life have been applied.

4. Stage-one drive modal is applied in the crankshaft drive, which runs steadily with small power waste and low noise.

5. All the major components are made from stainless steel and anti-corrosion alloy conforming to the food sanitary standard.

6. Homogenizers (high-pressure delivery pump) as well as special components with various kinds of special purposes can be customized based on different customer requests.

7. Connecting rod and plunger are made with self-centering coupling patented technology (patent number: zl03276783.8), which lengthened the service time of plunger seal by 2 to 3 times.

8. The pressurization of the valve seat is applied with the mode of corner seal, which is convenient to be dissembled and significantly lengthened the service life of the pump body.

9. The shell is completely included by the stainless wire-drawing square-pattern board, which has reached the GMP Certificate standard of the pharmaceutical industry and is made of an elegant appearance.

10.Advantaged foreign technology has been applied in the design of the homogenizing valve, which is made with unique structure that not only sufficiently gives material collision a full play, but also increases the frequency of collisions. This design has both significantly improved the homogeneity effect of the processed materials and prolonged the preservation duration of the materials.

11.Homogenizer is a kind of high-pressure unit. The unique design in the safety ring of the homogenizing valve has guaranteed the safety in use for the customers.