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Multi-functional Grind

Multi-functional Grind

Overview And Use

The Multi-function Grind is the substitute product developed by our company based on the manufacturing experience in the ultra-micro grinder, which is provided with excellent grinding and crashing functions. This device could be used extensively and is suitable for the micro-grinding of food, fillings and condiments. It is especially appropriate for producing

peanut butter, sesame paste, chili sauce, sweetened bean paste and sweetened lotus seed paste, etc. It works more excellently than the traditional colloid mill and ultra-micro grind with a lower temperature rise when grinding materials than the above two devices without changing the essence of the processed materials. This equipment is provided with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, maintenance and cleaning, etc. All of the components, running and fixed grinding discs exposed to the processed materials are made from special high-quality material. The grinding head could be taken to secondary operation after worn so as to lengthen the service life of the device, which significantly reduced the use-cost of our customers.