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?Different types of pulverizers should be checked before starting up

All kinds of different types of pulverizers should be checked before starting up. Let's have a look:

1, Preparation before startup

ONE.Check the integrity and fastening of the parts, especially the hammer and other high-speed running...

TWO.Check whether the crusher is secure on the frame.

Three.Check the lubrication of the bearing

FOUR.Open the door cover of the crushing chamber and check whether there are impurities in the crushing.

FIVE.Check the tightness of the deflector and remove the foreign matters absorbed by the magnet.

2,starting up

ONE.The above inspection is completed,No load operation of starting motor,If the technical condition of each part is normal,Load operation can be carried out after the speed is normal。

TWO.During operation, there should be no magnetic jamming and friction sound。

THREE.The sieve should be installed firmly,No leakage is allowed,The screen frame should be fixed tightly。

FOUR.If abnormal noise is found during operation,Stop feeding, stop the machine for inspection and troubleshooting

FIVE.At the end of the work, the residual materials in all parts of the machine should be cleaned,The machine must be cleaned and covered with tarpaulin for a long time。